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adele lisbon @iamadele
the living personification of tina belcher's
Giant Pretzel, USA
Joined March 2009
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adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 30 how did people express they were so done before they could look into the camera like on the office? i'm a withered old hag and even i can't remember.         42         152        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 29 many thanks 2 @shane_ohneal/@buzzfeed for validating me: buzzfeed.com/shaneohneal/ranking-the-amazing-songs-of-crazy-ex-girlfriend-gz9d         42         152        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 28 anyway it's late and I almost just subtweeted someone i don't know so peace out         10         55        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 28 and I guarantee probably 90% of women have a story like this.         9         86        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 28 b) what am I supposed to care if I get painted as uptight and humorless?         33         177        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 28 and I’m tetchy about it because a) maybe I’m not the only one who doesn’t find it funny and some other woman would be like oh thank god it’s not just me and         42         118        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 28 sometimes when I feel like something isn’t funny or that it makes women the butt of the joke but i’m the only one who seems to feel this way I don’t say anything         57         204        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 27 @decider realized the CXG songs are improved in their explicit versions: decider.com/2016/05/27/crazy-ex-girlfriend-best-explicit-songs         15         68        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 25 well, it's the most important holiday of them all, #NationalTapDay!
        18         73        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 25 Asian-American Actors Are Fighting for Visibility. They Will Not Be Ignored. nyti.ms/25gwTsX         30         116        
        19         104        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 22 i swear i was having fun even though i was in a sexy french depression. vulture.com/adele-lisbon-performs-sexy-french-depression.html via @vulture         10         49        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 21 new york is just as i left it: wildly indifferent to my presence.         6         41        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 19 the 2nd weirdest part is that female driven or female run shows are treated in the press like a novelty         6         41        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 19 the weirdest part about cw upfronts was that people wanted my autograph.         64         199        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 16 and i'm fine telling you that, but if you opened my computer & saw it, i'd murder you. why? where does the shame come from?         64         199        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 16 5 things i searched today in no real order: cute animal gifs, resting exasperated face, vaporizers, non-toxic vibrators, "# of veggie chips i have to eat til i become veggie chip?"         64         199        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 16 like none of my searches are particularly weird or worthy of shame         64         199        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 16 if any1 looked @ my search history i would kill them, but i'm not embarrassed by it is the weird thing?         64         199        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 12 just erased the heck out of the s1 outline. i thought i'd feel something. i did: i got a cramp in my arm. that's not what i thought it'd feel like.         59         221        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 11 just kidding, the answer is obviously samberg.         61         183        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 11 who wore it better?         32         76        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 11 hmm.... 👀         29         58        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 10 but then people will get their state mandated soft pants on and be like "sorry we doubted you madam president".         12         60        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 10 & the american people will probs be like "how dare u infringe on our rights to wear other pants? freedom!"         72         346        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 10 in 2024 i'm gonna run for president on a platform of mandatory soft pj pants for all         29         77        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 10 "jesus is it may already?" - me, sounding dead. "yeah" - the 16 year old cashier sounding equally dead         40         192        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 9 🎶 we're back in the writers room, makin some really cool things happen 🎶

        19         104        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 8 ma, stop harassing me about giving you grandchildren, i'm already a proud mom

        19         104        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 6 that wasn't my best idea cuz it's 4 am now and nothing is going on         40         192        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 5 so far today i've dropped an entire sandwich on the floor & broken my glasses, i'm going back to bed so today will be over.         40         192        
adele lisbon @iamadele ∙ May 2 i thought the woman in the car next to me was staring bc i'm so famous now, but it might have been my aggressive singalong to 'say no to this' wherein i was ham AND maria AND the chorus         7         25